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Concrete Repairs

Concrete does not last indefinitely and can deteriorate as a result of a variety of mechanisms, leading to the need for concrete repair and refurbishment. These include weathering, frost attack, erosion, impact and mechanical damage, overloading, shrinkage and contamination by aggressive chemicals such as acids or sulphates.

The repair of concrete buildings and structures requires quality materials but more importantly experienced and skilled tradesmen to ensure that the repair is undertaken correctly.

The removal of the defective areas of concrete, preparation of the exposed steel reinforcement and concrete reinstatement has to be done correctly for the repair to be durable.

Calibre Building Solutions have been repairing concrete for a wide variety of industry sectors and have many years experience repairing all types of concrete applications.

Industry Sectors

Heritage/Listed Buildings

Bridges Tunnels

Commercial Buildings

Education & Health

Industrial & Manufacture

Marine Structures

Car Parks

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Water Industry

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